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Insurance for Fixed Based Operators

  • Coverage available for fueling, storage, repair, and line services
  • High deductible programs
  • Multiple location policies
  • Building and fire coverage
  • Turbine and piston-focused operations
  • Automobile insurance
  • Workers compensation
  • Policies for municipal airports
  • Airshow policies

Fixed base operators (FBOs) have special aviation insurance requirements. Common coverages include hangarkeepers liability, products liability, and building/fire insurance. We currently aid dozens of FBOs in obtaining comprehensive coverage at low competitive prices. We obtain multiple quotes for our FBO clients despite the complex nature of the insurance policies for FBOs.

Our FBO customers include: fueling, storage, maintenance, repair, and overhaul, avionics, and interior operations. We work with clients ranging in size from small avionics shops to FBOs that pump millions of gallons of Jet-A.

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